Das Glück der Erde,

liegt auf dem Rücken unserer Pferde!

I'm so happy over my Gitano! He is my dream horse ever! Now we started flying changes and he is superb!!

LenaPRE Gitano

I have started to work with Brioso in long rains with good result, he is super cool but with some self-will 🙂 Have also loos jump him once and I think he can be a great jumper too, he is light as a feather in his step, much airtime!

MariaPRE Brioso

Legolas is so clever and nice now. He goes to school for two month and will be ridden this summer. He is soooo nice and a pretty horse I LOVE him 🙂

KarinPRE Legolas

Salsita und mir geht es hier in Deutschland sehr gut. Sie liebt vor allem das saftige Gras 😉

MarlenePRE Salsita